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How to add Custom Products Slider on your Shopify store?
How to add Custom Products Slider on your Shopify store?

Run your campaigns by showcasing the products you want the customer to see

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Custom Product Sliders give you complete control over how you want to represent a set of products. You have the liberty to have a section like Best-Selling, New Arrivals, Trending, Featured, etc. The Slider is designed to be stylish so it stands out compared to the rest of the products.

The Add To Cart Button allows for a quick checkout and the Shop Now Button allows shoppers to understand more about the product.


Make sure your theme is supported for Online Store 2.0

Steps to Setup Custom Product Slider

1. Go to Sliders in FoxSell

You can Navigate to Sliders in FoxSell either by using the sidebar or by clicking "Setup your slider now" on the Homepage

2. Select Custom Product Slider

3. Customise and Configure your Slider

Note: You need to use the desktop to configure the slider.

4. Match Colors to your Branding and Slider to your need

5. Save your changes and add the slider to your theme

Click on "Save changed and add it to theme"

6. Navigate to Theme Editor

Navigate to Theme Editor

7. Add the Custom Product Slider to your theme

8. Select the Products you want to showcase

  • Click on Select products

  • Choose the products you want to showcase

9. Adjust positioning of the section

10. Adjust width of the Section

  • Click on Apps

  • Uncheck the checkbox "Make section margins the same as theme" to make the section as wide as the page

11. Save and make live

If you still have any questions. Feel free to send a message from the bottom right chat box or shoot up an email on [email protected]

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