Revenue attribution is the amount of sales generated by FoxSell Slider for your store.

When a logged in customer clicks on FoxSell Slider or add the product the cart from the slider and places the order for that product in the next 24 hours, we attribute that sale to FoxSell.

As of now, it only works for logged in customers.

Why is my revenue attribution graph always empty?

This could happen for multiple reasons

  • Customer log in is not enabled for your Shopify Store: We are not able to link the person who clicked the slider and the customer who placed the order

  • Customer logs in after clicking on the slider: If the customer is not logged in at the time of the click but logs in during the order is placed, we are not able to link the click to the customer who placed the order

You can also check the other graph to see if customer are clicking on the section

If you need any other kind of reports, feel free to message us using the bottom right chat button. Simply click on Request Custom Report button in analytics

In you need any other assistance, feel free to shoot an email at [email protected]

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