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How to add Mix and Match (Build your own Bundle) to your store?
How to add Mix and Match (Build your own Bundle) to your store?

Learn to easily add Build your own Bundle to your store with our step-by-step guide, boosting sales and enhancing customer experience

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Follow these steps to add Build your own Bundle (Infinite Variants) to your store.

Create a new Product Template

  1. Go to Theme Editor

  2. Go to Product > "Create Template"

  3. Give it a name and click "Create template"

  4. Remove all the required sections from the template and Add Build your own Bundle section

  5. Disable "Reveal sections on scroll" Property [Optional]

Create Build Your Own Bundle (Infinite Variants)

  1. Go to the home page of the app and click on "Create a new Bundle"

  2. Click on "Select Dynamic Bundle"

  3. You can create two types of Build your own Bundle

    1. Create Bundle with Quantity as an option

      1. Enabled Quantity as an option

      2. Add Title of the option and Quantity associated with it

      3. Add Discount for each Option (You can add 0% as discount as well)

    2. Create Bundle without Quantity as an option

      1. Add Discount for the complete Bundle (You can add 0% as discount as well)

  4. Create Categories and Select Products

    1. Click on "Create a category and select products"

    2. Enter the name of the Category and click "Create category and select products"

    3. Select Products and click on "Add"

    4. Create as many categories as you want by clicking on "Add Category"

    5. Decide the number of products you want the shoppers to choose from this category using this field

  5. Once the Checklist is green and complete, click on "Save Bundle"

  6. After the bundle is saved, click on "View Bundle in Shopify Admin"

  7. Change the Theme template of the product to "build-your-own-bundle" (The template we created in the first half of the tutorial) and "Save"

  8. Change the Status to "Active" and "Save"

  9. You should be able to see the Build your own Bundle on the Store

If you face any issues, feel free to contact us via in app chat or send us an email on [email protected]

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