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Why am I not able to see Products in the Best Seller Slider?
Why am I not able to see Products in the Best Seller Slider?

Products are not visible in the Best Seller Slider

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This is could happen due to any of these reasons

  • It takes up to 15 minutes for your best selling products to be synced with FoxSell. Your products will only be shown in the slider if they are synced with FoxSell. Wait for 15 minutes and check again

Example: If you just installed FoxSell on your store and enabled the widget, wait for 15 minutes if the widget doesn't show any products

  • FoxSell syncs your store's orders for the last 60 days to determine your best selling products. Based on your best seller configuration, if your store has not done enough orders to qualify products as best sellers then they won't be visible in the best seller slider

Example: If your store has not opened yet and you have installed FoxSell, no product will qualify as best seller if there are no sales for any product

If you have any more questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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